Travel website, Fathom, recently released their Travel Awards, a ranking of the sites, places, and spaces they consider to be some of the best in the world. As I’ve been flipping through some of their choices, I can feel a fever coming on. A travel fever, that is.

Fathom really knows how to put together a list—and for any type of traveler, at that. They’ve culled some of the world’s best design hostelsthe most romantic places to travel, even some of the best sites and blogs to consult.

But of particular interest to us, is this one: Fathom’s Best Foodie Escapes, that, in their words, “are pilgrimages for people who truly care about food.” Sign me up! The fifteen locales dot far reaches of the globe and are worth taking a peek at (or travelling to!). For now, I’ve compiled all the ones in the U.S. for my your viewing pleasure.

Words by Valerio Farris at Food52

[Photo via @innatserenbe]