Traveling and experiencing all that Italy's fine metropolitan hubs have to offer has never been more luxurious. Leonardo Ferragamo, President of the Lungarno Collection, pays homage to his extraordinary father (who you may have heard of), Salvatore Ferragamo, a genius in the art of shoemaking and a master of hospitality, with his 5 star collection of Italy's most elegant lifestyle hotels.

Testaments to creativity, craftsmanship, and passion, each carefully curated member of the Lungarno Collection naturally reflects the unique Italian style and exquisite taste of its particular city. Serving up beyond Instagrammable views of Rome and Florence, each of the  jewelry box offering of hotels pays an extraordinary level of attention to details.

From rooftop terraces designed to take your breath away, to suites featuring the works of Picasso, click through for a look at the required reservations for your next Italian holiday!