A Celebrity Wearing Uggs Was Banned From An Airport Lounge

by Stephanie Maida · December 19, 2017

    In a move that riled #basics all around the world, the Qantas business lounge at Australia's Melbourne Airport denied access to a (sort of) celebrity because *gasp* she was wearing UGG boots. Singer Joanne Catherall, of the English synthpop band The Human League (they sing that "Don't you want me baby?" song, which is honestly such a banger) angrily tweeted about the travel travesty last week, saying that she was denied access to the upscale area because her footwear did not meet the lounge's dress code standards.

    While we would rather die than wear UGGs in public, even we have to admit that the airport is the one place those (admittedly comfy AF) shoes should be acceptable. Like, OK, pretty sure it's summer over on that side of the world right now so wearing cozy kicks may still be questionable, but come on! It's the airport! Everything is miserable already. Let a girl live.

    Despite all the social media backlash, Qantas has seemingly remained steadfast in their decision, responding to Catherall on Twitter with "we endeavour to remain consistent and uphold our Lounge's dress guidelines to all our guests." Snap.

    We somehow can't help but think champagne lawsuit guy would probably agree with the airline's stance on this one.

    [Photo via @ugg]