Christine's North Fork Foodie Tour: From Sag To Shelter To Greenport

by CHRISTINE CHO · August 1, 2008

    northfork foodie tourThe South Fork has some amazing local resources for the culinary aficionado, but those in the know look to the North Fork for some really remarkable finds.

    Every summer when time allows I get in the car and head up to the North Fork from Sag to Shelter to Greenport. It sounds tedious but when you have the day to explore it is a wonder way to enjoy the East End away from 27 and from the crowds.

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    northfork foodie tourUpon arriving in Greenport I drove west on Route 25 and from there I began with a stop at Satur Farms,probably one of the most popular and influential farms in the Northeast. Micro Greens, Exotic Greens such as lacinato and ripini, and edible flowers were beautiful and abundant.

    A drive down Love Lane in Mattituck was inevitable with the quaintness of the local cheese shop and nearby cafes steps away from the train station. Pure Americana.

    northfork foodie tourNext stop was at A Taste of the North Fork, a beautiful and chic gourmet boutique where everything sold is made and beautifully packaged in the North Fork. Chardonnay Vinaigrette, Pinot Noir mustard, and the ever popular North Fork potato chips were on the shelves. I was skeptical of the preciousness of this place but when I saw the effort into supporting the local economy, right down to bags of local soil, I knew I was in a  good place.


    northfork foodie tourOn to Schmitt's Farm Market in Laurel the next town west where the mandatory roasted corn was super sweet. Also sold at the farm were an array of homemade preserves, pickled vegetables and honey in all its glory. I'm sorry, but looking at all these jars made me want to cry for joy! It just reeked of freshness and purity... something as a New Yorker is somewhat foreign.

    I ended my trip at Paumanok Vineyards where I visited my friend Kareem Massoud, one of three sons whom with his family have been making some of the most noted wines on the North Fork....It's good to have friends in this business....

    northfork foodie tournorthfork foodie tournorthfork foodie tour