DJ Steve Aoki And The Cobrasnake: BFF In Bali

by SARAH MANDATO · January 11, 2010

    Steve Aoki, Cobrasnake

    It's no secret that DJ Steve Aoki and zainy photog extraordinaire the Cobrasnake are pretty tight, but photos from a recent trip to Bali reveal the true extent to which the pair are deep in the throws of bromance.

    Cobra, dude, we are so funny!

    Cobrasnake Steve, I have to use the restroom, but you know I don't like to go alone...

    DJ Steve Aoki No worries, man, I am right behind you! What are friends for?

    DJ Steve Aoki But now I'm thirsty, again!

    DJ Steve Aoki Silly Steve, I always tell him that he can't mix, but he never listens!

    DJ Steve Aoki ...and he is such a ham.

    Cobransnake Oh Cobra, you are one to talk.

    DJ Steve Aoki We both just like to monkey around. Friends forever, okay? Okay (hug)!

    [Photos via Cobrasnake].