The Top Nineteen Ways To Entertain Yourself During A Flight Delay

by SARAH MANDATO · December 23, 2009

    Nineteen is the magic number because it happens to be how many reasons we came up with...if you're stuck in the airport today, it might just be the most entertaining time you've had, in a while.

    1. Pretend you are asleep in the gate area, and are having a naughty dream.

    2. Approach someone tan and short, and hysterically declare, "Snooki!" and then excitedly ask them about the punch.

    3.Go to the bar, order ten shots, and drink one every time you see someone walk by in a Juicy jumpsuit.

    4.Do a dramatic re-enactment of an article from the trash mag you picked up at the newsstand.

    5.Quickly walk through the terminal yelling, "No pictures!" "Oh the papps never leave me alone!" "I will not comment on the sex tape!"

    6.One word: tourette's.

    7.Sit down and paint your finger nails. When you are done, try and paint the finger nails of the person sitting next to you.

    8.Whip out that yoga mat, and practice your Downward Dog.

    9.Open up your suitcase, and put on every item of clothing packed.

    10.Let's just say panties can cleverly double as a slingshot.

    11.Tell the hot guy sitting next to you how upset you are that he never called, especially after what seemed like a really special night. Was there not such a strong connection?!

    12.Buy Jelly Bellys, and then when you put one in your mouth spit it out next to your neighbor and go, "Ew. Buttered popcorn is the WORST!"

    13.Attach some toilet paper to your shoe, walk around, and see if there are really any good samaritans in the group.

    14.Order food in a busy place, and when you start eating crazily grab your throat and yell, "Wrong pipe!" and then sip from everyone's drink around you.

    15.Act like you are vomiting into a huge soda cup, and then go over to the trash and pretend to dump it out. Any time someone looks over, say, "21st birthday last night. Rough."

    16.Try to get everyone seated at the gate to do the wave, or make a human pyramid.

    17.Buy marshmallows and see if anyone will play Chubby Bunny with you.

    18.Put on your headphones and sing really off key.

    19.Apply a face mask.

    OR you can sit there and check your email/read/listen to music. Bor-ing, am I right?