The woman, the myth, the legend. Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor lived every aspect of her fascinating life stylishly. She was known for her captivating glamour, exorbitant jewelry collection, and unmatched passion for life, both onscreen and off. Of course, this joie de vivre led her to quite the jet-set lifestyle - but you wouldn't ever find her roughing it, even at 30,000 feet.

Tim Mendelson, who served as Taylor’s Personal and Executive Assistant for more than two decades and continues to serve, at her request, as a Trustee of her Estate and Officer of The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, gave us some insider insight into the actress's travel secrets. How did she stay looking fabulous up in the air? How did she manage to transport her jewels? Click through for the very inspiring answers. Let's just say you'll think twice before boarding a plane in sweatpants ever again.

[Photo Frank Worth, Courtesy of Capital Art/Getty Images]