How Bazaar, How Bazaar!

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · May 22, 2008

    My boss went to Turkey and all I got was this picture of her in the Grand Bazaar!

    Seriously, she went over to Istanbul to transact business and it seems like she got caught in the Bazaar for the week. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is the world’s largest indoor market, covering around 58 streets and featuring 4,000 shops. I got several pictures daily from my boss via camera phone from inside the Bazaar, documenting her sweet finds. I can’t blame her for spending all her time in this covered market. It has so many interesting things to choose from: clothes, leather goods, accessories, home decorations, gold, artwork--really anything.

    The Bazaar is so rich in culture and history and could alone warrant a trip to Istanbul. The most popular finds in the Grand Bazaar are of course amazing Turkish woven rugs, followed by textiles of many rich colors and patterns, shatooshe (the proper and better form of a pashmina) and jewelry. And by the way, I did get more than the pic: I got a fabulous woven green blanket to throw over my bed. Now that’s a good boss!