Not to go all Eat, Pray, Love on you, but traveling is probably the most rewarding thing you can spend money on. Meet new people, open your mind, see the sights you've always dreamed of! And of course, 'gram it all. Because if it's not on Insta, did it even happen?

Whether you're an aspiring travel blogger or just hungry for more likes, this vacation is for you. Online travel agency CheapCaribbean is offering a limited time Insta-retreat that was literally designed to be photographed! The Vacation Envy package will have you jetting off to Bermuda for a 3-night stay, which includes group 'gram outings, tutorials, and hangouts with pro travel influencers, Nastasia (@dametraveler) and Jess (@thewonderingdreamer). Plus plenty of relaxation time, obvi.

But ahead of this trip (or any trip, really), brush up on your Insta knowledge! Nastasia and Jess have curated a series of tips to ensure your most double-tapped vaca ever. Click through for some of the best advice from the experts.

[Photo courtesy @dametraveler]