Prince of Summer, Leonardo DiCaprio has been spending the season traipsing along coastlines in Europe with his new model girlfriend, Camila Marrone. And where else would Leo take his 21-year-old arm candy between yacht rides but Le Club 55, the chicest spot in the South of France since, well, 1955?

The celebrity hideout in Saint Tropez may have had humble (though no less glamorous) beginnings, but it has since become the ultimate spot to see and be seen on Pampelonne Beach. Look to your left and you'll see Leo and his latest catch. Look to your right and it's Samuel L. Jackson hanging with Magic Johnson. Oh, and is that Princess Diana's niece Kitty Spencer?!

But hey, no big deal - which is exactly why A-listers love this place. Back in 1955, when Brigitte Bardot shook up the sleepy town to film And God Created Woman, eclectic local couple Bernard and Geneviève De Colmont decided to serve up meals to the cast and crew from their fisherman's hut. Before long, royals, rock stars, actors, and jet-setters from all around the world were hanging out at Cinquante Cinq. But, to this day, the place maintains one philosophy: "Here the customer is not the king... because he is a friend."

Boasting a daydream of an al fresco restaurant, a beach club, and even a boho bazaar where guests could shop local wares and treasures, Le Club 55 is a must for every seasoned traveler... or potential DiCaprio girlfriend. Click through for an inside look!

[Photo via @marlenemueller]