When was the last time you had an adventure? A proper, exciting, journal-worthy adventure - just you, off the beaten path, appropriate footwear and all? In a time where cameras are phones, and Instagrams seem most commonly reserved for the advertisement of avocado toast breakfasts, neon sign lit nights out, and selfies commissioned by no one - Steven Rojas is keeping the explorer spirit alive and well. 

With a telling fondness for the phrase #letsgosomewhere, all too photogenically cataloguing his travels, from the world's largest cave, Vietnam's Son Doong, to weekends tracing the forest edges of Upstate New York, Rojas has long been toting his camera along for the ride. "My mother was into photography, so in some ways I have always played around with taking photos. It wasn't until I started traveling more and more that I really began to take photography more seriously, and once I purchased my Sony A7 I fell in love."

So what is it then that makes a remarkable photo worthy of Rojas's portfolio? "A good photo inspires, and excites," he muses. "I hope people see my photography and decide to go somewhere." And go somewhere they should.

Though before jumping that plane, train or automobile, we'd recommend first stopping off at The Modern Traveler, his photography exhibit debuting at Vocal NYC next week. After that, go crazy.

[Photos courtesy Steven Rojas]