If you aren't lucky enough to have access to your own private jet (and don't merely want to pretend you do), this aircraft is the next best thing. International airline Emirates is already known for their high-end experiences up in the sky, but they'll soon be going above and beyond (no pun intended). At the 2017 Dubai Air Show, Emirates revealed the new Boeing 777-300ERs with first class suites estimated to cost over $9000.

The fully enclosed cabins offer spacious privacy, with around 40-square-feet of space, 32-inch TVs, gourmet dining, and leather seats that use NASA technology to fully recline in a "zero gravity" position. While most of the suites offer window views (along with complimentary binoculars), ones positioned in the middle of the plane boast "virtual windows," with real-time views projected via live stream. Emirates reportedly worked with Mercedes-Benz to model the experience after the luxe S-Class, and first class fliers are even treated to Mercedes chauffeur service once they land.

Of course, when it comes to Emirates, even non-first class passengers get treated like kings, with a revamped business cabin featuring lie-flat leather seats and personal minibars. 

Click through for a look at the upgraded flights, which travelers can start experiencing as early as December 1st.

[Photos via Emirates]