Take A Luxury Marijuana Tour Across The World

by Millie Moore · March 27, 2017

    It's 2017, and by now, marijuana is pretty much normalized. The weed industry is worth a reported $6.7 billion and it's escalating. There's everything from cannabis cookbooks to weed infused lube to a luxury subscription service to get all the cool new innovations in dank. The only people that frown upon weed use are college RAs and the Trump administration, and that's only because none of those people were ever cool enough to be offered drugs and so they don't know how awesome weed is. 

    The latest endeavor in the cannabis industry is totally worth your frequent flyer miles and a case of the munchies, because luxury cannabis tours are now a thing. ML Capital group has recently announced that they are launching Platinum High Life Tours. Platinum High Life Tours will curate itineraries for those who have a refined palette for both cannabis and culture. These trips will include amenities such as 5 star accommodations, decadent meals infused with cannabis, and exclusive tours of marijuana plantations. The first luxury will be taking place in Jamaica, because...well, duh.  

    Marijuana is technically a superfood, so this totally could count as a luxury wellness retreat if you think about it, right?

    [Photo via @shinepapers @real_ekinmusic]