The Best Bucket List Money Can Buy

by NATASHA STORER · July 2, 2010

    Conde Nast has come up with The Fabulous Fifty: Experiences That Only Insiders Can Deliver a list of 50 extraordinary opportunities worldwide, ranging in price from $80 to $30,000.


    Conde Nast writer Wendy Perrin shared her experiences and recommendations of three such once-in-a-lifetime-framed-photo-on-the-mantelpiece type travel opportunities that she claims were worth every penny: jumping the line and savoring the glories of a Kremlin that only VIPs get to see; slipping inside a passage where the Medicis used to spy on Florence; and immersing herself in one of the most isolated cultures on earth.

    She says the secret to gaining access to such once-in-a-lifetime experiences is tracking down experts with insider knowledge, but we think, really it all comes down to money. Like in Vegas, all across the world, money talks baby - and if willing to cough up the dough, you can upload those photos on facebook and start make everyone else jealous.

    Some delights to start cracking those piggy banks open for include:

    Tour the Sistine Chapel after dark, with a private tour - $4,500 for 2-3hours

    Moving the dead around on the anniversary of their death in Madagascar - $500-$1,000 if you are into that sort of thing.

    Lunch with Desmond Tutu in Cape Town - $10,000.

    Walk-on role on Broadway - $30,000 and up, depending on the show.

    A box at Royal Ascot Races that overlooks the Royal Box seating the Queen - $2,900-$3,900

    Shop, cook, and dine on a ten course feast with Canada's best chef, Rob Feenie. $8,000

    Seriously, think we would rather outlay the cash to have Lady Gaga play at our wedding reception or birthday party...but considering Elton John pocketed a  cool $1million to play at Rush Limbaugh's recent nuptials, maybe a role on Broadway is more likely.