You probably don't hear the words "Livingston Manor Fly Fishing Club" and automatically think, Well that's definitely somewhere I need to book a trip. But alas, it is. For while the name may suggest otherwise, it's far far more than just a fly fishing club. It's the ultimate summer weekend destination you and your friends need to book ASAP. 

Perched on the edge of the quaint catskill town of Livingston Manor, this part club, part highly curated stay where weekend experiences run by Homestedt leave guests with absolutely nothing to worry about other than having all the fun an adult sleep-away camp could offer. Settle in at the main lodge, which embraces more than just the novelty of rustic decor, a cozy and comfortable space covered in knotted wood walls, antique local furniture, and, perhaps most impressively, a beer tap located in the kitchen, and prepare yourself for a day of Instagrammable moments planned to perfection.

From a classic Swedish breakfast spread, an afternoon lunch of soup cooked on the fire enjoyed in a dreamy teepee, swimming or canoeing in the creek, trekking through trails of forest and fields of wildflowers, to sweating in the secluded wood fired sauna, and digging in family style to local dishes served under the stars at a most magical outdoor dinner, it doesn't get more charming than this.

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[Photos courtesy Livingston Manor Fly Fishing Club]