Top Ten Reasons You Should Try Roller Disco

by MEGHANN MADIGAN · October 13, 2009

    You thought the appearance of Roller Blades would make the days of 8-wheeled fun obsolete, didn't you? Well, think again.  Roller Disco is back with a vengeance! The everything old is new again trend has New Yorkers reminiscing their Roller Derby hey-days. I mean, even Ellen Page is rocking out the Roller Skates look in the recent Drew Barrymore directed flick Whip It!  Click below for the top ten reasons you should join the fun.

    Roller Disco 1. It is way more fun - and burns more calories - than playing the air guitar

    Roller Disco 2. You can use silly string to coerce your friends into joining you

    Roller Disco 3. You can get close to that special someone... or "accidentally" run into a sexy stranger

    Roller Disco 4. Ridiculous headwear is totally encouraged

    Roller Disco 5. Where else is it considered a fashion statement to wear an American flag?

    Roller Disco 6. It's fun for the whole family!

    Roller Disco 7. No matter what your style, you'll find someone who 'gets' you

    Roller Disco 8. It's great for your flexibility, too

    Roller Disco 9. You know you're dying to rent a pair of these!

    Roller Disco 10. I know this guy is excited for Roller Disco... so you should be too!

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