After much consideration and browsing I've come to the conclusion that Stormy Daniels' Twitter account is the best thing on the internet. I stumbled upon this goldmine after a deep mind-wandering web search while watching CNN. With tweet after tweet promoting her profile on '' (which I'm guessing is exclusive videos or pics for her valued followers? I felt funny using my company card to unlock access so will have to leave it to the imagination), I blindly came upon a cornucopia of 140 character zingers. Unlike her more popular and active Twitter nemesis, Daniels sprinkles these tweets throughout her mostly spam account like a triple-X Easter egg hunt. 

While I spent the latter part of the work day ridding my laptop of viruses, I felt this was important and worthwhile content to share with our readers. Nonetheless, I did the hard work and uncovered my all time favorite tweets (and #clapbacks) from the newly turned household name and adult actress who our thumb of a president can’t quite shake.

Please note these tweets are most definitely dirty, viewer discretion is advised.

[Photo via Getty]