The Britney Spears Twitter Scavenger Hunt:

by Rachelle Hruska · August 25, 2009

    The Britney Spears Circus is in town, and it's taking over Madison Square Garden. Last night was the first performance in a series of three and it was also the day that Britney sent thousands of fans via Twitter on a scavenger hunt across NYC to win two free tickets to the show. (The lucky winners pose with Britney on the left). @BritneySpears teemed up with @Z100NewYork to pass clues back and forth all day long.  Where did she end up hiding? See the entire day's exchanges below...

    @BritneySpears Let the games begin! My hiding spot is a guilty pleasure and I will be there at 6 PM.... Pass to @Z100NewYork - Britney about 21 hours ago from web

    @Z100NewYork The first person who gets to the hiding spot and tells Britney’s clown “I Seek Britney” wins 2 ringside seats.... Pass to @BritneySpears about 20 hours ago from web

    @BritneySpears My sweet hiding spot is outdoors below 60th street but no lower then 20th street.... Pass to @Z100NewYork - Britney about 19 hours ago from web

    @Z100NewYork They’ve been around since 1941.... Pass to @BritneySpears about 18 hours ago from web

    @BritneySpears Lots of colors like a clown but mostly Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Brown..... Pass to @Z100NewYork - Britney about 17 hours ago from web

    @Z100NewYork At the end of the year the whole world comes together in this part of the city....Pass to @BritneySpears about 16 hours ago from web

    @BritneySpears All eyes on me outside the M&M store on 48th and 7th...Britney about 16 hours ago from web

    @Z100NewYork Congrats to @larabuongiorno for finding Britney and winning 2 ringside seats to The Circus...Starring @BritneySpears.Hope you guys had fun! about 15 hours ago from web