Three Tweets To The Wind: Don Hill's, New And Improved?

by BILLY GRAY · August 12, 2010

    The Nur Khan and Paul Sevigny era at Don Hill's kicked off (softly) one week ago. Which means it's time to plumb the internet for short-burst rants and raves. The consensus: the place isn't ruined, yet. Although Jack White seems to disagree. -

    Some fans were surfing chill waves two days into the joint's rechristening:

    Luminous6:@KarlitoP want u to hit don hills wit me,, see me perform jus chilln hav a gud time babes

    Others noticed changes immediately. Luckily, they were plied with enough beer to not raise too much of a stink:

    BBSBand: Shit, the stage at Don Hills seemed a lot bigger when we were Loaf? Still a kick ass rock spot. Red Stripe bottles? I'll take it.

    Until the buzz faded and the night came back into focus:

    BBSBand: Bad turnout last night but the show was still fun. Don Hills is a cool spot. Pain in the ass to get to though. Shady area.

    Meanwhile, Don Hills found itself in an improbable new, sceney peer group:

    ardensirens:@LS_Fader I'm gonna be at 3 different clubs tonite: Gates, Don Hills (Glamdammit), & finally Baddies. If I don't see u at 1, ur in trouble.

    Elsewhere, DonHills (or perhaps a Ronson?) pondered his own identity:

    DonHills: Paul Sevigny better not fuck up Don Hills like he did Beatrice Inn! A Ronson Family take-over is much more fitting!

    Change was in the air for the bar and its guests:

    MADNESSSR: @SunnGod man im in mad places now karma lounge, pyramid club, notice lounge, ezo lounge, don hills and a few others man im expanding

    Some shows went well:

    HuNTiT_PeRCeNt:Just got home,god is good,tomorrow night I'm performing at the pyramid,shoutouts to everybody up in don hills tonight,peace

    Others, like Jack White's (performing with his 83rd side project, The Dead Weather), did not. And White let his choice words fly live from the bar's stage to a crowd including Terry Richardson (picture above, thumb up being good, absence of trademark grin being bad), Alexandra Richards, Liv Tyler and Olivier Zahm:

    "Fuck you, you hip motherfuckers! Why don't you rock the fuck out?! Maybe I should go grab those free drinks and shove them down your throats, you hip motherfuckers!"

    [via HuffPo]