Twitteriffic Tweets: Mad Men Is Back!!!

by CATHY LEVETT · July 26, 2010

    @nedhepburn WHY IS MAD MEN SO GOOD. - - @misswill Don is Back! It took the entire ep to see my beloved Donald Draper do his thing but he finally did! #madmen is brilliant. - - @mgogel 4 types of people in a club: He who asks for a comp, He who deserves a comp, He who is awed by a comp & the rarest, He who refuses a comp - -- @kylehc In the house: Maya angelou! Meg ryan! Matt dillon! Mark ronson! +nell,dan,julie - -


    @StevenRojas The show must go on! Jumped on the stereo inside the @AllSaints_ VIP house at the (cont) - - @Jillzarin At polo with ladies. - - - @carney OMG! I just got done with new Mad Men episode airing tonight. It turns out that the entire tine they've all just been dead. #fakespoilers - - @AshleySimko This is the first time that I've had a few hours free in weeks... Cue the crash and burn.