Twitterific Tweets: TGI#FF

by ARIELLE KRIEGER · July 23, 2010

    @nbcwashington Sarah Palin's a fan of a former #Redskin: -

    - @wcp Baby inside watermelon. While we wait for Ticketfly to get its act together. =

    @HuffPostPol 4 ways to avoid future Shirley Sherrod-type debacles. -

    @Sisarina Interesting. @GTownCupcake still only follows 1 person & has absolutely no interaction with their followers. Sad.


    @dcscene What You're Doing Tonight: Gaga 4 Gaga dance lessons, cupcakes & cocktails, '90s Movie Night shows "Empire Records."

    -- - @ dcunited Due to the heat tomorrow for DCU-Portsmouth, RFK Stadium will allow each patron to bring in 2 unopened 20oz plastic bottles of water.