Twitteriffic Tweets: MoMA Dinner, Doritos For Dogs

by MIGUELINA NUNEZ · June 2, 2010

    @FabiolaBeracasa Givenchy dinner at the Moma for Marina Abramovic was out of control! A true night to remember...Marina is AMAZE! - - @derekblasberg Boom Boom Room for Givenchy's afterparty for the Marina Abramovic dinner. Riccardo has MariaCarla on her shoulders and its poppin' off, son! - - @tinsleymortimer So happy to be sleeping with my babies again tonight!! I missed them!! I gave them a little treat of baked doritos!! They r chihuas!! Night! - - @carolhan My doorman just handed me a package in my lobby and my first thought was "I really hope its not a smirnoff ice." #traumatized #FOBI


    Carine Roitfeld@Carine_Roitfeld Size counts. That's all.


    Ashley Simko@AshleySimko Tonight the heavy handed use of scissors led to less of a trim and more of a modern day mullet. Now off to put this shameful haircut to bed. -

    maliksochic@maliksochic Are starfish weird ? I want one I want an alive one. As a pet. I wanna see the fish part! Ewww creeepy! Is it like a turtle inside? -

    Peter Davis@PeterDavisNYC Even though I've never kidnapped anyone, stripped or been a drug mule, I am most like Danielle of Real House Wives of NJ. - -

    Emily Bungert@emilybungertMN Omg Zach Gilford is on Chelsea Lately! He's so cute, he was in Alternative Apparel's ReThink campaign. -


    Lindsay Lohan @lindsaylohan @derekblasberg even though I'm in wisdom teeth extraction pain, seeing GIVENCHY on your tweet made me smile so big- well kinda big lol -