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by Rachelle Hruska · September 25, 2009

    @jenny8lee bloomberg had to scramble in traffic to u2 concert after helicopter plans fell through 9 minutes ago from TimesPeople

    @johncmayer It takes so long to say goodbye to everyone at a party, I start my farewells the moment I walk in. about 8 hours ago from Twittelator

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    @peeweeherman RT @nicolerichie : - LOOK @sofifii was in Pee-wee's Big Adventure!! about 12 hours ago from web

    @toryburch On my way to U2! Barely got out the door, too much homework! TB about 12 hours ago from TwitterBerry


    @dizzyblazeberg I think this is something both me and my fancy, pretty girlfriends can all work next season: granny panties. about 14 hours ago from web

    @scotterikb is going to Lydia surprise bithday dinner. i can write about it her cuz she don't read twitter about 15 hours ago from mobile web

    @TheEllenShow Joaquin Phoenix is coming on my show in October for the first time ever. I’m told it’s his one and only interview. about 15 hours ago from web