How To Serve Wine Without Handcuffs

by Joseph Russell · June 5, 2008

    [Image via New York State Liquor Authority]

    Turns out that all that stands between you and your liquor-serving gallery is $31 and a permit filed 15 days in advance. A little thing, sure, if one whose violation shouldn't result in arrests and court dates. Some gallery owners claim they have in fact tried to file for permits, citing lazy or absent SLA members as to why their requests remained unrealized. In response the incident at Vered, many have decided it's best to shutter the booze, at least for now. Sarah Nightingale will be hosting an ice cream social (just as Blue and Cream did at the Unruly Heir show), at her gallery in Water Mill, which sounds fun and cute, but lacks the classy cachet usually associated with gallery openings. Maybe attendees should byob? If you want to show your support for the arts and their leisured accompaniments, or if, like me, you're a fan of the fiery Madame Kalb and her fabulous eyewear, her trial, and those of other bacchanalian gallery owners, will be held June 25. Pregame's at my place!

    [Southampton News]