Klubbing Brings Books And Nightlife Together In Germany

by Georgia Bobley · March 23, 2012

    There's a new trend in German nightlife, and over 300,000 people are in on it. The event is called "Klubbing," and has been one of Cologne, Germany's most popular nightlife events for 12 years.

    Every Friday night at 10:30pm, German party-goers head to the building where Einslive, a German radio station is based, for a night of drinking, dancing, and literature. At 11pm, everyone puts down their drinks and the music fades as Mike Litt, who hosts the show, welcomes the audience and those who are listening on the radio. The featured author of the week takes the stage and reads a short piece of work, allowing them to reach the audience and a much wider range of people who are listening on the radio.

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    Deutsche Wells calls the weekly series "...part book-reading, part electro music club-night," and getting into the event is just as hard as getting into any hot club. According to Deutsche Wells,

    "The audience members have won their way into the crowd, calling in to the station at specific times during the week. They are the lucky ones - the demand for tickets is always pretty high."

    The show's producer, Claudia Cosmo, explained more about the program, telling Deutshe Wells,

    You don't always have to do serious literature, with hour-long readings. You can add to the experience with a chat or with music and present it in a club-like atmosphere. That way it becomes an experience, which includes getting to know the author. And it stays accessible. It isn't “oh, literature, how boring.”

    This trend hasn't yet taken off in the US, but if it does, will New Yorkers be ready to go Klubbing?