LA Fashion Lesbians Bring West Coast HomoChill to NYC

by M.J. Koury · March 9, 2011

    Could be the warm weather, Ilene Chaiken, or cheaper rent, but I've got to say that California lesbians are onto something. I'll rep for the New York scene till I pass out, but we've been officially challenged...NYC has goth lesbians and Maro, but between Lady Tragik, PYT, Boobytrap, and all the other creative lesbian revolutions happening out West they are giving us steep competition.

    Fortunately, Boobytrap is willing to bridge the gap. Boobytrap's an LA fashion-party, lovechild of DJs Kim Anh and Anna (DJ Anon) who noticed that there were a lot of gay girls in the art and fashion industries with a lot of parties to go to, but nothing that was gay-centered. (Insider tip: the fashion world is not only incredibly gay because of all the stylish boys; a ton of models are lesbians).

    Hitting the Delancey on Thursday night, all of New York's most edgy and "underground" minded women bailed on their non-gay fashion parties to dance to Nicki Minaj, The Supremes, and "Pon de Floor." There was even a special guest DJ: Shannon Funchess of hipster-adored band Light Asylum.

    [DJs Anon, Shannon Funchess, and Kin Anh]

    The best thing about the night was that maybe you'd expect it to be pretentious because everyone's outfits either involved bowl cuts or stilettos, but it was so smiley. People who didn't already know each other approached the new faces to shake hands and ladies danced with no inhibition (insider tip: this doesn't happen often at lesbian parties).

    There were drink specials.

    Dancing lesbians!

    See the smiles?

    The vibe was one of the best party vibes I've ever witnessed and I'm wracking my brain to figure out what works so well about Boobytrap- only explanation is West Coast Chill.

    [Photo Credit: Bex Wade]