Ne-Yo Gives Dune Some Rhythm And Blues

by Joseph Russell · July 18, 2008


    The singer/songwriter/producer whirlwind that is Ne-Yo will be laying it down at Dune tonight, and you can be sure the hip-hoperati will be follow in droves. Only 26, Ne-Yo already has two platinum albums of his own and a slew of hits written for Billboard heavyweights such Rihanna, Mario, and Beyoncé.

    Personally, I'm not the biggest R&B fan, but I've got to hand it to Ne-Yo -guy's got major pipes. Velvety, bedroomy, kind of Marvin Gayesque pipes, ones at their best without special effects or backup. I'm not sure if his performance tonight will be unplugged, but you can be sure the crowd will be. I just hope he's still rocking the fedora.