One Thing I Absolutely Hate About Nightlife Is...

by Georgia Bobley · April 5, 2012

    Yesterday we asked our Twitter followers to play a nightlife version of Mad Libs and fill in the blank:

    One thing I absolutely hate about nightlife is ________.

    From old men in clubs to clothes-ruining drink spillage, these nightlife pet peeves are almost (but not quite) bad enough to make us want to stay home. The responses were varied, but the general consensus was that everyone really hates surprise there!

    Check out some of the most hated aspects of nightlife below!

    Daniella Ciacciarell (@dciacciarelli) tweeted:

    old men

    Totally true: there's nothing worse than when you're just minding your own business on the dance floor and some old guy tries to make a move...

    Pav (@Lina_Meana) tweeted:

    loser promoters and their collection of tacky bottle whores

    Elisabeth (@emrosario) tweeted:

    Lines for no reason! #getoveryourself (@models) tweeted:

    Drink spillage & other occupational hazards

    [Photo via]

    Anastasia (@anastasiacaridi)

    Drunk bitches spilling their drinks on my loubs

    Drunk people spilling drinks seems to be another hated aspect of nightlife....but it comes with the territory!

    Joe Alberto (@Jralberto87) tweeted:

    live bands

    Victor Dacruz (@vsdacruz) tweeted:

    Crowded clubs and or bars because owners are trying to squeeze out a buck

    Natalie C (@tresnataliec) tweeted:

    bridge and tunnel

    Saved the best for last. I think even bridge and tunnel people don't like bride and tunnel people. Tweet us what you hate @guestofaguest !

    [Bridge and tunnel at it's finest, photo via]