Regular's Music Cafe Is A Hoi Polloi Hoe-Down

by Joseph Russell · June 9, 2008

    The name don't lie: when I visited Friday, Regular's Music Cafe (in Tugboat North Sea House's old digs) was hosting an open-mic for local performers, and most of the patrons at the brand new establishment seemed to be on familiar, and amiable terms with one another. When one singer/songwriter forgot the second half of Badfish, his little brother flew to his aid, while a man behind me murmured words of encouragement and praise to the musician's father. No doubt about it, RMC is a family place -our jovial hostesses couldn't have been over nine, but, the cozy bar, live music, and casual, pretension free attitude seem to have gone over well with the hipster glitterati. When I got there around 8:30, the dining/music area was a mix of families and singles, but by 10, the kiddies had vamoosed, replaced by buzzed bar-hoppers looking to let loose. That it serves food, and that the food's pretty good (enormous burgers on sesame seed buns, french onion soup, mac&cheese in gratin bowls, thick hand-cut fries), is just icing on the gofg-approved cake. Check it out, especially if you have visitors of any age.

    Regular's Music Cafe is located at 1271 North Sea Road, Southampton P: 631.902.4310