Rubix Kube Invites You To Get Physical, Again

by Joseph Russell · July 1, 2008

    80\'s tribute bandJudging from ad-infinitum views of Desperately Seeking Susan and VH1, the 80's were a pretty bitchin time, full of spectularly glitzy, poufy, kitchsy, and cheesy visual and audio references.

    While in and of itself, I can't say the music holds much appeal, put it in front of a crowded, ebullient bar, performed with just the sight proportions of earnestness and panache, and wham! the good times, they will roll.

    If you agree, or if you're actually from that time period and have a deeper, nostalgia-washed appreciation of Jessie's Girl, head over to the Talkhouse tonight for Rubix Cube's loyal recreations. No riffs here, just the pure, sweet pop-rock you, and the frat brothers next door, will never get over.

    Rubix Cube goes on at 11 at the Stephen Talkhouse.