Southampton Carnival Keeps Us Young At Heart

by Test EventManager · June 30, 2008

    southampton carnival

    After last weekend's benefit and nightclub-blitz, I was more than ready for something slightly different. I grabbed a friend who maintains her profile under the radar (ie: you can’t find her in a PMC search) and we rented a Ford Focus from Action Car Rental. If you want to remain anon in the Hamptons, grab a Focus.

    Getting lost in Patchogue had its rewards when we stopped to ask directions at Carvel. My friend and I got “Carvelanches” which are the DQ equivalent of a Blizzard – we highly recommend. Creeping into Southampton around 9pm, we saw something that peaked our interest. A carnival with rides, games, cotton candy and locals. HIT the breaks!!!

    More story and photos below:summer carnivalIt was so 7th gradishly tempting that we HAD to stop. No Valet parking, no lines, no guest list, no attitude. It was a far cry from La Playa (which was just across the street). We traded cash for tickets and martinis for games. We took a trip on the ferris wheel and got a prime view of all the fun below. As we went on a ride called the Hymalaya which went forward and backward up and down, we laughed and laughed and laughed.

    Our inner children were satisfied. We played several games and won a few cheesy prizes – this to me was really really fun. I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed myself more.

    southampton carnivalAs we sunk back into the Focus and pulled out of the Carnival parking lot, La Playa was beginning to fill up. Temping, but tonight we kicked it old school, stopping instead at the Princess Diner to further our Middle School Date with BLT’s and Sodas.

    That’s when I realized, the Hamptons have everything. I can be chilling with Society’s shiniest members one weekend and the next keeping it real in a makeshift carnival. I can’t wait to see what the July 4th Weekend holds for me!

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