Surf Lodge Scourged By A Local Scorned

by Joseph Russell · July 3, 2008

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    For a one-month old, the Surf Lodge sure has amassed a lot of controversy. Most people (us included), think it's a lifesaver; a laid-back hipster retreat with fun drinks, gut-busting and creative cuisine, and a sweet, adorable staff. It's the kind of place where once you're there, you're in, the kind of place with no door and no pretensions.

    At least, that's the vibe we've gotten in all of our numerous visits. Over at Eater, they've dredged up a 'tauker (who's been "going to Montauk every summer for at least a week since [he] was born") whose sentiments are slightly cooler. Here's why:

    A Ferrari, a Maybach, a tricked out BMW, and a 1975 Caddy, all being protected by a few 'Growing up Gotti' valets posing cougars, popped collars, spikey hair and big sunglasses; despite it being a dark, foggy afternoon with no sun to be seen.

    10 minutes at the very mildly busy bar to get a drink menu. Took another 5 to get a tender's attention and order, and another 10 before we realized the drinks weren't coming anytime soon. We bolted, and I was ready to key the Maybach with the valet's frosted-tipped hair.

    Frosted-tipped hair? Cougars? Sunglasses indoors? Are we talking about the same place?

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