The Benefits Of Breathalyzers

by GofG Public · June 30, 2008

    taxi cab, Montauk[Written by Marissa Friedes]

    Don't you just adore going barefoot and bra-less in the summertime? Well that's why I love summer: it's the freedom! In fact, just last night my girls and I felt free to turn a random night into a party night!

    After going classy with wine at Wolffer, we headed straight for one of the rowdiest places in the area: La Superica in Sag Harbor, where the nachos are served grande and the margaritas grand. La Superica also does super-strong "Perfect" margaritas, which can really put you under, if you're ever so inclined…

    And inclined to drink we were last night...Which is why it occurred to me this morning, when I awoke a little bit too sober, that I should probably invest in an important and handy device: my very own personal breathalyzer! If you haven't been reading the police blotters (and you should; it's like a sport), cops out here will catch you and arrest you if you're driving drunk or drugged. So a technological reality check is maybe a good idea. You can order one yourself from online, where the cheapest ones sell for only $60. (Yes, yes, I KNOW you could buy like 5 margaritas for that money, but how could you possibly savor freedom if your summer's spent in jail?)

    That being said, if utter wastedness is likely to happen before your personal breathalyzer arrives in the mail, then do yourself a favor and stick these numbers in your phone. I respectfully suggest that you add them NOW, before the vodka tonic in your hand turns you sloppy and dyslexic.


    Pink Tuna Taxi 668-3838 (Montauk)

    All Hampton Taxi: 631-287-2121

    Hometown Taxi of Hampton Bays: 631-728-9300

    Or even better, get a limo! East End Limousine: 631-726-7400