by guestofaguest · June 4, 2007

    V.I.M.= Vomit In Mouth


    This is a fairly common condition that we find ourselves experiencing after reading articles from popular periodicals.  Today was no exception.  The New York Post ran a story today about the growing number of kids that are taking private jets to summer camps this year, many that are less than an hour away.  Its not the more obvious issuse of people spending $8000 for a 30 min flight for jr., or even the demands these little tykes have been coming up with on board (Cap'n Crunch, pedicurists, and pb and j's) that irks us...We are more concerned about the way Mr. O'Hara is holding his daughter Danielle in the photo that accompanied the article (pictured above).  The look on his face and the grip he has on the poor girl is just wrong in so many ways. 

    p.s. The best part about summer camps from our memories included being able to act like you DIDN'T come from loser parents such as ones portrayed above, being able to get dirty, and.....the bus ride there and back.

    p.p.s The kids get props for the Cap'n Crunch requests.