Lauren Santo Domingo Shares The Fun Story Behind How She Met Her Husband

by Guest of A Guest · January 20, 2021

    How does one very well-to-do girl from Greenwich find love in the arms of the heir to Colombia's richest beer family? 

    Why at a club in Paris, of course! 

    To celebrate 13 years since her epic wedding to husband Andrés, Lauren Santo Domingo took to Instagram yesterday to share the details behind the couple's meet-cute.

    So let this be a lesson to all you youths out there looking for love. Don't be the girl who doesn't go to Paris, always spring to get a table on a night out, and don't discount a night at the club as the perfect place for fate to find you your match! 

    Oh, and obviously it goes without saying, but make sure he's financially set. 

    Like, really set.

    [Photos via @thelsd]