There's A Secret Apartment Inside The Eiffel Tower

by Maddie Shepherd · June 16, 2016

    Calling all French girl wannabes! HomeAway and interior designer Benoit Leleu have converted this 2,000-square-foot former conference space into an actual, livable apartment on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. As such, we regret to announce that all other apartment goals have been cancelled and replaced.

    HomeAway has graciously held two sweepstakes to allow a handful of lucky winners to inhabit this beaut for a night each. However, because the sweepstakes are over (and a night's stay here will likely be worth more than all the money I will ever touch in my lifetime), this apartment sadly must remain a mere goal for most of us. Thanks to these photos HomeAway blessed us mortals with, a girl can dream. Feast your eyes and imagine yourself lounging in silk pajamas as the commoners climb flights and flights of stairs to reach views that are just yours. La vie en rose! 

    [Photos via Home Away]