Sundance Film Festival 2010 Opens With "Howl" Screening

by CATHERINE PERIDIS · January 22, 2010

    Dawn has broken on a new season at indie-film-lovers'-paradise: the Sundance Film Festival. Everyone has been waiting with baited breath to see how newly appointed Festival Director, John Cooper, would shake things up within the 20 year old institution.The result? -

    So far there's been a few changes, most notably three premiers on opening night where there used to be one, giving 'Howl' a second worldwide premiere! (click here for our coverage of the NY Premiere). Not enough change for you? Well Cooper is working on upping the technology ante with the ability to instantly view some of the films via video-on-demand. Hows that for present day thinking!

    Ok ok, I chide. But seriously there is, as always, major Hollywood cred showing up in the snowy mountains of Utah - aka Indiewood. So far we've seen Jon Hamm, James Franco, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Andie MacDowell, and that was only in one night! In the coming days we are sure to see more celebs as they come to show their support for the festival which has showcased such films as 'Little Miss Sunshine,' 'The Usual Suspects,' and 'Precious.' I wonder which of the 112 movies will be the breakout star of the year?

    Andie MacDowell                            Todd Rotondi, ?

    James Franco                            Jon Hamm, Jennifer Westfeldt

    [all photos by Jemal Countess/Getty Images North America].