Looks like Donald Trump's Napoleon complex extends far beyond his governing style. When it comes to real estate, the man with little hands prefers things YUGE, gold-plated, and, well, as obnoxious as possible. Just take a look at the Caribbean mansion he's been trying to sell on the island of St. Martin. Dubbed Le Château des Palmiers, the 9-bedroom, 12-bath estate (located right on the beach), is somehow more ostentatious than the Don's infamous New York City penthouse. We mean, tiger print? Seriously?

And despite the lush pool situation, tennis court, and just impeccable decor, the Prez just can't seem to get this property off his plate. Originally listed at $28 million, the price has recently been slashed down to $16.9 mil. Not great for someone who claims to be business savvy, huh?

Curious? Click through for a peek inside.

[Photos via Sotheby's]