Cipriani’s becoming the new Lohan

by guestofaguest · November 5, 2007


    Like so many young Hollywood starlets, it seems the boys over at Cipriani's just can't learn their lesson. Having just finished up with their massive federal tax evasion lawsuit from August, they will now head back to court again, this time for a sexual harassment suit filed by an employee at Harry Cipriani's, the chain's Sherry Netherland location on 5th Avenue. After a two year hiatus, the restaurant was just recently reopened and is designed as almost an exact replica of the famed Harry's bar in Venice.

    The lawsuit, filed by Columbian native Lastenia Amparo Torres cites several instances of discrimination including "humiliating, dehumanizing, unwelcome, sexually charged and offensive, gender specific name calling" as well as other instances of sexual harassment including comments such as "women are only good for bed" and several other threatening remarks. There are also claims of repeated reports to managers and the owners (including father and son duo Arrigo and Giuseppe Cipriani) of the harassment to which the management turned a blind eye. The whole thing reeks of scandal. NY Mag obtained an entire copy of the legal documents here. We will be very curious to see what happens. As for the Cipriani's, well they are certainly providing us with quite a lot of material to discuss lately...