Turtle Tuesdays, Or Why You Should Have Kept Your TMNT Memorabilia

by Joseph Russell · June 3, 2008

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    Last weekend, on Rachelle's and my night of attempts, we managed to accomplish one thing: a southwestern-style pig-out, brought to us by the terrific kitchen of Turtle Crossing (and our Sacajawea of a driver). If it hadn't been nearing on midnight, we would doubtless lingered over jalepeno hush puppies and TC's lauded margaritas. Today, starting at five, you can augment your lingering with free Purple Turtle cocktails (Christiana vodka, sour apple, and grape juice). The catch? Make sure you have something turtle-adorned with or on you. Out of luck? Email me; thirteen years of my life were spent swimming for a team whose mascot was a snapping turtle. That's a lot of tee-shirts.

    Turtle Crossing is located at 221 Pantigo Road, East Hampton