Vincenzo's Open Sesame Wonders: The Best $4 Can Buy

by GofG Public · June 26, 2008

    sag harbor pizza parlourWell maybe I shouldn't call it the “best,” as it’s the only Long Island pizza I’ve had, but Vincenzo's Pizza in downtown Sag Harbor doles out quality slices by any standards (though be prepared to spend between $3-4 per). While not the “bang for your buck” a little pizza shop should be, Vincenzo's does serve hefty portions and isn’t afraid to push the pizza-greased envelope. The tomato-onion-bacon slice I had was flavorful and light, and leaving off the tomato sauce allowed me to actually taste the toppings. The crust was a delightfully thin, crunchy surprise, topped with sesame seeds.

    It's one crust you will find yourself actually finishing instead of throwing away irritating, rock-hard, crescent moons. All in all it was a positive experience, and the local folks behind the counter have just enough edge to make for a colorful exchange. Though Vinny's seemed a bit pricey, considering the neighborhood, it might be a steal.

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    Written by John Hering

    Vincenzo's Pizza is located at 7 Main St, Sag Harbor