Why We (Along With Everyone Else) Love Suki Zuki

by Joseph Russell · June 12, 2008

    When Paul Longo recommended Suki Zuki as one of the Hamptons' permanently buzzing, and buzz-worthy restaurants, I was a bit taken aback. I'd biked by it during the day, and figured it was a little takeout joint, most likely expensive and, since sushi is one of the food groups of the ladies who lunchish, probably good. "We have to go," Rachelle decided, and it turns out she, and Paul, were right. On a Sunday night, Suki Zuki was dimly lit, cozy, and filled with the chatter of the tanned and tennis-toned. The chefs behind the sushi bar looked like they knew what they were doing, so we ordered a platter of  assorted sashimi and sushi, and some lobster rolls, a basket of steamed vegetables, and the shredded chicken salad both of our neighbors were devouring. The sushi was better than the sashimi -for some reason, the fish tasted somewhat bland without the seaweed, and the avocado was a good foil for the lobster. The caesar salad was excellent, if very rich. For desert, our affable waitress advised us to go with the banana tempura sundae, which came with aghast and envious glances from passersby. I'm not a huge banana fan, but the mix of crunch and cream was spot-on, with a lightness that belied its heavy ingredients. 

    We will no doubt return to Suki Zuki, as it nails the food, service, price (our entire bill, drinks included, was $73), and people-watching requirements. To those of you who've been, what did you think?