Christian Wolffer: A Bubbly Man

by Joseph Russell · June 27, 2008

    wolffer estate, sagaponackI'm a total and complete uncouth girl when it comes to wine: make it sweet and white or effervescent. The wines at the Wolffer Estate are markedly not sweet, so when Rachelle and I joined the Plum team for some post-wrap bonding on Wolffer's lawn, I wasn't sure what to order. As the other girls waxed rhapsodic over the rose, I scanned the menu. I'd had the rosé before, and while I can tell it's a good wine (I think), it is, again, not sweet.

    And then my eyes alit on the Cuvée brut. Dared I sparkle so early? I did, I decided, and it was delectable, kind of lemony and nutty tasting and very dry. I liked it because I like anything that fizzes, but I'm pretty sure it would please much more discerning palates than mine. Have you all tried it? What is your favorite Wolffer wine?

    [Image via Wolffer Estate]