The Greening Of Greenbacked Sagaponack

by Joseph Russell · July 23, 2008

    The Greening Of Greenbacked SagaponackOn the wings of respected author and resident Linda Bird Franke, Sagaponack is becoming an eco-friendly hamlet. Franke just got the approval to form a Green Committee from the village board, a committee whose duty it will be to encourage Sagaponackers to "insulate hot water heaters, lower thermostats," and petition for a more energy efficient school bus.

    This is all very commendable, but in her article discussing it on Andrea Aurichio is perhaps a little too concerned with letting us know just how wealthy Martha Stewart"s summering spot is. Sagaponack"s "well-heeled regulars" need to be reminded that "green is more than just the color of the sums of money needed to buy an acre in their coveted village."

     After all, they have been "given the honor of residing in one of the world"s most expensive zip codes according to Forbes Magazine." Well put, Andrea, although the committee"s measures apply more to the year-rounders than the summer people.

    [Image via E is Color]