Since illustrious weirdo and billionaire Elon Musk decided to dedicate his time, money, and resources to colonizing Mars, dude just has no room for home maintenance on his schedule. Which is why, back in May 2020, he declared that he'd be "selling almost all physical possessions" and "will own no house." Quite a major move for a guy who happened to own at least seven properties at the time.

Cut to the present and Musk has mostly lived up to his word, offloading nearly every property in his multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio. However, he is left with one remaining mansion which has a history of being particularly difficult to get rid of.

The historic Hillsborough estate, located just outside of San Francisco, was built over a century ago and remained in the family of a French aristocrat and a gold rush heiress for generations. It was first put on the market in 2013 for a whopping $100 million but was notoriously hard to sell. Not only was the sticker price a little up there, but the owner Christian de Guigné IV, the playboy scion of the rich family who built it, added a caveat no new buyer would agree to: he'd sell, but would be allowed to live in the estate exclusively until he died. Uh, yeah, no deal.

The mansion was finally purchased in 2017 after a series of price cuts (and the removal of the strange stipulation). The lucky buyer? Mr. Musk, of course. According to reports, he snagged it for a cool $23.4 million. Over the past year, the Tesla and SpaceX founder flip-flopped on selling it, putting it on and taking it off the market a number of times. It was last listed in June for $37.5 million but, according to the New York Post, the listing was removed last week. 

Musk had previously said that he was holding onto the sprawling, 16,000-square-foot property for "events," but then said he was hoping to sell the "special place" to a large family who would live there. If the photos of the place are any indication, the home is decked out in lavish interiors and boasts bay views, a grand ballroom, nine bedrooms, and ten bathrooms. Certainly fit for a billionaire, but we must admit, we can't see Grimes and baby X Æ A-12 fitting into this scene.

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