With an incredible weekend spent in Napa Valley and months of planning, I've gathered my notes to present you the ultimate guide to a visit to wine country. Before we get started,  I wanted to outline a few tips and tricks for your impending trip: 

1. Plan your vineyards according to town! It doesn't make sense to be traveling up and down your entire stay. 

2. We recommend, based on personal experience, that you should visit a maximum of 3 to 4 vineyards per day. The tastings are small but pre-warned, they can catch up to you. 

3. Transportation is tricky and Uber is unreliable. Hire a driver to take you from place to place, 'The Napa Guy' really made our trip and offered excellent suggestions throughout the weekend. 

4. Vineyard recommendations are subjective. Take a moment to enjoy a wine tasting prior to your visit so you have an idea of what you're into.  

5. This is doable for a weekend! Catch the red-eye to San Francisco and you're an hour away. 

In my tried and true travel guide fashion (peep my Pariee guide), I’ll be focusing solely on the important things; dining, vineyards and hotels. Those looking to visit local landmarks, travel on tour buses and follow group tours, feel free to click out now. Cheers! 

[Photo via Jordan Winery]