With the growing popularity of Flinders Lane, Two Hands, Little Collins, and Bluestone Lane Coffee recently, it's safe to say that Manhattanites are growing quite fond of the infiltration of Aussie inspired establishments in the city. However, despite this burgeoning abundance of quinoa bowls, avocado toast, flat whites, and acai bowls here in New York, there are still quite a few elements that differentiate this small island we call home from the huge one down under (LA weather, beaches upon beaches, and astonishingly health conscious people, to list a few). So for those looking to experience firsthand the life of our fave blogger, @GaryPepperGirl, check out this Sydney guide to eating, shopping, beach-going, and partying -  all the while surrounded by the beautiful murmurs of remarkably attractive people and their Australian accents. 

[Photo via @tashoakley]