'90s Kids Rejoice: MTV Classics Is Bringing Back All Your Favorite TV Shows

by Anna Hardcastle · July 29, 2016

    As if we weren't already excited enough about the return of Gilmore Girls, more throwbacks are coming our way.

    It seems like just yesterday that we were introduced to MTV Cribs, My Super Sweet Sixteen and TRL. But our favorite bad-ass channel, MTV, is hardly known to kids today. If you're running out of shows to watch, you'll have a whole new list as of August 1, when MTV Classics launches.

    Tune in to catch reruns of your favorites, including DariaJackassBeavis & Butthead and Pimp My Ride. According to Bloomberg, The new channel will replace VH1 Classic and will air reruns that are stacked in MTV's Vault, a library containing millions of files from the start of the network in 1981. 

    The original point of MTV was to play music videos; recently, however, the popularity of music on cable television has declined. The new channel will seek to revive MTV's original interest in music. The network is also hoping that a dedication to the classics that current 20-somethings miss will energize the brand's social media presence on newer and more popular platforms, like Snapchat and Instagram. Hey, we're not complaining.

    [Photos via MTV, @mtv]