Julia Steals Leven's Spotlight?

by guestofaguest · February 29, 2008

    pink [Photo from itsmejulia.com]

    Anybody else catch Leven Rambin in last night's Lipstick Jungle? I taped it and, though a little out of it while watching late last night, will have to say that #1 the show isn't entirely shit (I had never seen an episode before) and #2 Leven wasn't a horrible actress, (this being the first time I've seen her on screen as well). It really is too bad that popular Julia Allison's Bday fell on the very same day that Leven made her debut on primetime TV....for it meant that her very own sister couldn't even watch it as she had best friend commitments at Julia's party. Thank god for DVR huh? Anyway, from the picture above, it's apparent that Julia got to celebrate her day with all things PINK. Really, whoever the PR team is for this vodka line should get some props...those cups have been showing up all over the place lately.

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