Zelda Fitzgerald Is Getting Her Own TV Series Starring Christina Ricci

by Stephanie Maida · December 7, 2016

    Do you know those moments when the universe seems to coincide with your soul and everything good and beautiful in the world exists so simultaneously that you almost cry with unadulterated joy? Prepare to have one of those experiences while watching the new trailer for Z: The Beginning of Everything

    Christina Ricci, the cult-favorite coolest actress in Hollywood, stars as ultimate bad-girl icon, Zelda Fitzgerald. OG flapper, F. Scott's eternal muse, and gifted writer herself, Zelda was one of the most infamous social butterflies of the era and the just-released trailer for Amazon's upcoming series promises all of that glittering 1920s debauchery we've missed since Baz Luhrmann's 2013 interpretation of The Great Gatsby. It's about time this notorious missus got her time in the spotlight. 

    The first episode is available now on Amazon Prime and the rest of the series drops on January 27th. Watch the trailer below and start filling up your flasks.